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Built-Up Roof Membranes: The Durable Commercial
Roofing Solution

As the oldest, most reliable roofing solution for commercial, industrial, educational and medical buildings throughout the world, Built-up Roof (BUR) Membranes, known as tar and gravel roofs or Modified Bitumen Roofing, provide the durability and flexibility needed to protect flat-roofed buildings.

Built Up RoofingBuilt-up Roofs offer waterproofing protection with layer upon layer of bitumen-saturated organic fiber, fiberglass or polyester felt, and a glaze coat of asphalt or gravel. Designed to meet a broad range of building specs, the layers of the built-up roofing last through harsh weather conditions and can often be maintained and repaired instead of replaced to extend its life, unlike many other types of roofing.

Perfect for both building owners and architects, built-up roofing matches easy installation with durability to ensure a
sound investment.

With many installation options to solve any building’s design challenges, built-up roofing has become a favorite among building owners, architects, engineers and commercial roofing contractors. Ryman Roofing has extensive experience installing and maintaining Modified Bitumen Roofing to ensure your building design lasts through Florida’s spontaneous weather conditions.

Benefits of Built-up Roofing:

  • 150 years of proven performance 
  • Broad range of application methods 
  • Limits roof movement 
  • Cool roofing options promote energy efficiency 
  • Superior waterproofing 
  • Long-term warranties available 
  • Part of a fire, wind and/or hail-rated roofing system 
  • Competitive cost

Restaurants, office buildings, and shopping centers throughout Orlando and Tampa feature Ryman installed Built-up Roofs. Ask us to see an example of a commercial application of built-up roofing that is similar to yours.

Find out how Ryman Roofing experts will install and maintain your build-up roofing to ensure long-lasting protection. Contact us for a free roofing quote today.

“Ryman kept things moving and on schedule. They did not interfere with our Church’s services or activities in any way. They cleaned up their work areas at regular intervals.”
Betty Hamilton, Trustee, First Christian Church
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